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Dynamism offers amazing products that improve productivity and add fun. Because we want to make owning the best technology a simple and easy experience, we offer unlimited tech-support with every product that we sell. By phone or email, our dedicated and knowledgeable tech support personnel will work quickly to remedy any tech issues. Our tech support staff is intimately familiar with the products we sell, and we pride ourselves on the exemplary level of support that we provide.

Moreover, you will have an assigned tech support representative. Should you need to follow-up a call or email, you won’t have to deal with the all-too-common frustrations of re-providing your details or re-explaining the issue.

With Dynamism, you will have direct access to your tech support representative; the representative will know you and your support history, and will work to find a solution efficiently.


Sales and product information:  sales@dynamism.com
Technical support:  support@dynamism.com
Questions or comments on our website:  webmaster@dynamism.com

Phone - USA and Canada (Monday-Friday, 10:00 am-7:00 pm EST [GMT-0500])

Sales, toll-free:  1-800-711-6277
Support, toll-free:  1-800-310-7968
Accounting and Billing Inquiries, toll-free:  1-800-727-3144
Direct Dial:  1-312-281-5305

Phone - all other countries

International Direct Dial:  +1-312-281-5305



Why Dynamism?

We're dedicated to earning each customer's loyalty through exceptional service.

Who We Are

We were founded in 1997. We have offices in Chicago and Denver with four showrooms across the U.S.

Our Company

The leading national supplier of Desktop 3D printers. Expertise in both Industrial and Desktop 3D printing. Supplier of next-generation Metal, SLS, ultrafast Industrial printers.

Customer Benefits

  • Unlimited toll-free support
  • Curated selection
  • Fast shipping

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