The BigRep Makes a Huge Impact in Universities and Inspiring Revolutionary Student-Led Projects.

3D Printing

BigRep Large Format 3D Printers Used for Education Research Ebook

3D printing is changing the face of education and research. Institutions are preparing students for careers with knowledge and skills in additive manufacturing.

Large-format Printing has provided benefits that encouraged institutions to invest more in additive manufacturing, an outlet for experimentation, innovation beyond engineering, and creating tangible results.

Learn how different universities have been benefiting from Large-format 3D printers:

  • Kingston University Students Bring Their Ideas to Life with a Bigrep One.
  • ViNN lab at Wildau Technical University Uses Bigrep One to Educate Students on Proto-typing
  • University Students Use Bigrep One for Functional Bicycle Design.
  • The motorsport team at Helmut Schmidt University in Germany uses Bigrep One Printer to create bodywork proto-types

Download this comprehensive resource for an in-depth understanding of how large-format 3D printers can revolutionize research and teaching across a wide range of disciplines.

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